iconic 2000s movies

May 23, 2021

6 Songs to kick off your summer

Art @liviafalcru

movies to groupwatch on disney +

JUne tunes

Fashion finds #1

art by @saralisart

May 31, 2021

Need something cute for the summer, but not...

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3 phone cases for this summer

photo credit: Lauren Ladnier

May 31, 2021

Phone cases for your group selfie

or for...

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Cute hoodies


May must-reads

May 17, 2021

Check out our top picks for this month!

Need a book to read for class or just for fun? Check out these...

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Songs i'm Listening to rn #1

May 16, 2021

Songs that are my current favorites!!

When I started listening to...

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4 Small BUSINESSES to support this spring

May 16, 2021

Instead of shopping at a big retail store, grab your purse and get shopping at a small business this spring! So many clothes are being...

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10 tropical fruits: Ranked

3 summer starbucks drinks

h2o mermaids!

May 31, 2021

Nostalgic memories from your favorite 3 mermaids, Rikki, Emma, and Cleo...

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Songs to jam out to

May 18, 2021

Sometimes you just wanna jump on your bed and dance!! Check out these fresh tunes and...

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Picture credit: pintrest

Poster inspiration

May 17, 2021

Everybody loves cute posters!!

But they can get pretty expensive, so why not try to make your...

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5 Cute shoes you need

May 16, 2021

5 cute shoes you need to rock your outfits this summer! Whether you're at the pool or at the...

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10 ways to help the planet

Ethical fashion

must-have room decor