4 small businesses to support this spring

Instead of shopping at a big retail store, grab your purse and get shopping at a small business this spring!

  1. Oh Sista

Oh Sista sells cute printed, dyed, and reworked items for an affordable price on depop.

Text from Oh Sista

2. Salad days

Salad Days is illustrator Claire Shadomy's online shop, dedicated to the art of simple pleasures.

It's a digital shop where she releases her fave illustrations on household objects and things you can wear. She makes art for heads, toes and apartment walls. This is her bby and she is trying really hard so plz be kind.

Text courtesy of Salad Days

3. Bougie wo0gie

Text courtesy of Bougie Woogie

We are Jaz & Mati, two Industrial

Designers living between

Paris-Buenos Aires that surf the waves

of design, creation and production.

We intend to bring joy, happiness and

make people smile every time they come

across our pieces.

4. Mustard Yard Press

Hello there! my name is karolina and I’m a mexican graphic design student based in california! I’m a fan of a lot of things and I like to transmit my love for them through art which I share here with you all!

My approach is to make things that are as unique and creative as possible. I love to create merch that I would love to see be created for my favorite artists/movies/shows! most of my pieces are highly influenced by vintage designs and 80s-2000s aesthetics :)

Text courtesy of Mustard Yard Press