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June 22, 2021

Hi guys! It's Sophie!

This week I had a lot of fun making jewelry, reading some self help books, listening to new artists, and more. Find out about small businesses during small business week and discover new movies and series in this update! Hope y'all are doing well!


SMALL Business week

Happy small business week!

This year I found a lot of cute businesses that I'd like to share. You can also read this article with other shops!

Hope you enjoy!

Gem skeleton-

makes handmade vintage-inspired decor

Pey chi

"Hi! I’m Pey Chi. I make fun silly ceramics and other fun stuff on Wurundjeri Land, aka Melbourne, Australia."

lotta blobs

"Hello! I’m Shantelle, the creator of Lotta Blobs.

I’m a Graphic Designer by day and a blob sculptor by night! Lotta Blobs was created in the early months of the pandemic as a way to occupy my mind and to feed my love of creativity. My blobs are inspired by my keen interest in unusual homeware and by my fascination with the use of colour as a mood-changer.

I operate everything from my home in London and sculpt each blob by hand, making each one unique. My goal is to add a touch of colour and fun to everyone’s reflection, one blob at a time!

Follow me at @lottablobs"

Photo via @lottablobs

jewelry making craze

This week because of several birthdays ;-) I made some jewelry for my friends and myself!

Instead of buying expensive and poorly made jewelry, make your own! You don't need fancy beads to make it happen, but you are welcome to purchase some! I'll leave a few places for you to check out!!

BTW I might open an etsy shop sometime soon so be on the look out to purchase your favs! :)))

Where to find beads



~your local craft store

~cheesy arts and crafts presents you forgot about (totally look in these!!!)

~one of your family members jewelry making supplies

~a broken necklace or bracelet


I read some fun books recently. Some are on fashion, while others are fun stories or or simple books!

The Conscious Closet: The Revolutionary Guide to Looking Good While Doing Good

by Elizabeth L. Cline

This book is very interesting and has enlightened me in fashion, but not just fashion, "looking good while doing good" A lot of our planets problems can also be caused by fashion, which is one of the biggest industries in the world. Cline really illustrates the main points of this book, how fashion has an impact over our world. It really makes you think twice when you talk about clothes.

The Witches

Novel by Roald Dahl

Many people have dubbed this book as a classic, but I had never really read it. Some say that Roald Dahl is a magnificent author, and I must simply agree with them. The story the witches is about a boy whose Grandmama tells him about witches and how they are disguised in the world. After an encounter with a witch, the boy wishes to find the Grand High Witch and goes to find her.

TV series i'm watching

During summer I like to watch a series or two , read on to find out more about these new TV shows!

Loki: the series (on disney +)

I'm watching Loki right now, so no spoilers!!! >:-)

MAnifest (on netflix)

Manifest is about an airplane flight that "mysteriously disappeared" for 5 1/2 years. Nobody knows what happened and there are many ludicrous theories, but none of them are right. What happened to the passengers on the flight? Where were they? That's what Ben and his sister, Michaela want to find out. When the passenger start getting visions that's when trouble starts to happen! Bad people are after them and drama is evident. Watch this series for sci-fi / thriller vibes!

Rated TV-14


I made some new playlists!! (once again) :-)

NEW ARtists (music artists)

Recently, I've started listening more to a few artists, and I thought it would be fun to share them!