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Book of the week- February

City Spies

By James Ponti

Recommended age: 10-14

In this exciting new series by Edgar-Winning Author James Ponti, Sara Martinez has already been placed in several foster homes and has hacked into the New York City juvenile justice system to expose her previous foster parents of all their wrong-doings, but instead of them going to jail, she ends up in jail. While she is in jail she meets Mother, a British spy, interested in her technology skills who gets her out of jail and offers her a chance to be in a secret team of young MI6 agents. Five kids from around the world work together as a team to pursue a mysterious villain. Will they succeed or fail this mission? It's up to you to find out!

Reviewer: S.D.

Book of the week 2- February


By Catherine Applegate

Recommended age: 8 and up

Our verdict:

This book is about a red oak tree named Red. Red is a wishtree which means that every year on the first of May everyone ties tags or fabric to her limbs with a wish written on them. Nature can speak. All the animals in the neighborhood talk to Red. This year something new happens, a new family moves into the neighborhood. However, not everyone is so welcoming. Now more than ever, this neighborhood needs Red, the wishtree.

This book is for all ages and is widely recommended. I loved Katherine's descriptions of the characters and the animals. This book is one of Katherine Applegate's best writes yet. If you love action, mystery, and animals this book is a must-read.

Reviewer: R.D.

Book of the Week 3 - February

Keeper of the Lost Cities

By Shannon Messenger

Recommended Age: 10+

This is the first book in the Keeper of the Lost Cities series. It's about a twelve year old girl named Sophie Foster who finds out she's a Telepath and can read minds. She lives among humans but never really belonged. One day she meets someone named Fitz and finds out she is an elf. She moves to the Lost Cities and finds somewhere she does belong. Soon she is in grave danger. There are secrets buried deep in Sophie's memory , secrets that other people desperately want.

This is probably my favorite series. There's a lot of action, mystery, and very little violence. In the end I felt like the characters were close friends of mine. If you dislike large books do not get this. It has lots of characters and plot twists. The characters are hilarious. You can definitely tell that Shannon Messenger put a lot of work into this book. Overall, I have no complaints. I HIGHLY recommend these books!!!

Reviewer: M.B.