CRAFT #2: Scrapbooking

PRO TIP: Find an empty journal or diary lying around your house and fill it up with collages!!!


Scrapbooking is very easy and fun! You can do it too at home, so grab your supplies and let's get started!


~ old newspapers and magazines (first ask for permission to use them if they're important!)


~construction paper

~ scissors

~ glue stick

~ notebook, journal, or a piece of paper

_____________________________________________________________________ Step 1 : Pick a theme for your page and find things related to it in the newspapers and magazines.

Example: My theme is plants and green, so I cut out plants and flowers.🌱🌼

Step 2 : Now find some paper to put behind the pictures and glue it down.

PRO TIP: Before you start gluing the pieces down, make sure everyhing is arranged the way you want it.

Step 3 : Glue down the pictures on top of the paper, you can also add word as shown left.

Step 4 : Make sure that every piece is glued down, and TA-DA!!!

Now you can make lots more pages and you have a full scrapbook!